Preview on the WFStudio is dfferent with my own fonts

I see that problem in couple of watchfaces i did. What should i do?

As u can see the preview looks pretty fine. I did it. But watchface on the watch looks diffrent. It seems like it just cuts numbers

I have galaxy watch 4 40mm and use the newer version of software



I think this is a bug in the watch firmware it does cut the beginning of “empty” space in front of first glyph in text, since the rest seem to be about in same place as in preview. It may be related just to some fonts.
As workaround I would suggest to add some meaningless letter followed by space in front of the actual tag in that text field, so the bug has something to chew on (even outside the canvas area).

It works. And… okay

I don’t like this kind of soultions when u need to hide something or create elements for made another elements to work… But it’s the one solution i can find rn

I add a “1” at the start of hrs and mins line and then type lots of " ". It’s solution for me

Look what i did

I just wanted to create a watchface like that. U need to divide screen on four parts to see time

And there’s no fonts for numbers like that in this software