Feature request: Make complication borders customizable


Is there a way when setting up complications to specify the borders when it comes to selecting them when customizing the watch face through the watch or the app?

For example if i setup 3-4 ranged complications and also turn the text curved when it is time to customize the watch face through my watch all the complications border will overlap because the curve of the text will count towards the borders making them overlap with each other and look a bit chaotic when it comes to selecting the complication. This has also been a reason for rejection of the watch face in the past.

I hope you understand what i mean.

Update: i added an actual screenshot of the complication screen of the watch to see how it looks like on a watch face i am currently working.

Normally they should not be overlapping to that extent but because of the curved text the area takes more space even though the actual text of the complications have a wide space between them.

You can add your proposal in this Watch Face Studio Feature Requests (continued) thread.