How to rotate index

Hi all,
This is my first try at making a watch face and I’m not able to rotate the index. I’m trying to make custom indexes and they are always pointing down, how do I make them point up (for 6 o’clock position), sideways (for 3, 9) and also for all the minutes?
p.s. i don’t have photoshop, please suggest a free alternative if needed

“From the Component menu, click Index . You can select a full set of markers, a single marker, or import a custom image”
Thats all you can learn from the well hidden documentation/instructions page (anyway, for some reason it is not easily accessible trough the developer page menu anymore).

So you can insert the full set of markers: pick one of the provided examples in GWD installation folder,

or insert a single marker and set how many sections on which angle range and around which center you want the marker to be repeated. It is not completely intuitive, so maybe you would need to play with the numbers for a while.

or use some graphic tool to prepare your own index setup as image with transparent background to import as index or simply insert as image into your design.
I prefer the free tool gimp. It is not as powerfull as photoshop, but it is very popular program with many functions and lot of tutorials on youtube.

As Always Peter is a great resource. One thing he didn’t mention is you can have more than one index and set 0 to 90 degrees pointing one way 90 -180 another and so on.

Index are specialized components and cannot be set as a button nor rotated. So creating a background image with an index may be an advantage.

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Thank you so much Peter and Ron!!