Data range and number of bits of raw images (.dng)

I am using Galaxy S22 Qualcomm ver.
I got raw images (.dng) with the “Camera2 API” but the data range and the number of bits are not same as the raw images taken by “PRO mode of Camera”.
Here’s the difference.

Raw from PRO Camera

  • Data range : 0 (black level) ~ 4095 (white level)
  • Number of bits : 12

Raw from Camera2 API

  • Data range : 255 ~ 4095
  • Number of bits : 10 (Values are measured in units of 4. e.g. 256, 260, 264 … )

Any way to get the same data as in PRO Camera with API ?

Samsung does not offer any direct API to get images from their sensors. I guess Samsung made a restriction or limited the access of cameras to third-party developers. Suspecting that, it’s the reason why Camera2 API is not getting the expected result of high-quality images from S22.

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