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Do our applications created with WFS collect any data? I would say no, but I’m just asking to be sure.

Don’t worry. The applications created by the WFS do not collect any data.

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If WFS doesn’t collect data, why WFS hasn’t access to complication of Heart Rate?

It is due to a security policy of Samsung Health regardless of watch faces created by WFS or other developers.

I understand, but I don’t understand, why not, if there are not any shared data

Nobody understands this… All S Health data is accessible only to the user & to no one else, at the moment he looks at the watch. I don’t know what security policy it is, but the meaning of custom complications is completely lost because of it. If Google, Mobvoi, Fossil can provide custom complications for steps, heart rate, activity, calories, distance, I do not understand why Samsung can not do it. Btw., heart rate complication worked on GW4 pre-release units.

We just have to accept it and use apps like Heart Trace 2 :slight_smile:

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Yes, HT2 is great, but there is only short complication. Better would be with range value. But this is off topic

BTW, missing me count of floors too as complication

You have to understand the difference between complications and shared data. In a complication the creator of the complication “owns” the data and how it is seen and if it is collected. With an API the creator does not know what happens to the data once it is accessed.

GWS had access to the private Health API which allowed it to access Health Data if you were developing with Tizen Studio you could not access Samsung Health.
*There were some early 3rd party Watch Face tools that had an unpublished and deprecated API I think they had early partner status.

It would be nice if WFS added more pre-defined Default Providers.

Samsung Developer Relations

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