Day Light Saving and AM/PM not working properly

I have added times from three different time zones. It has been on my GW4 for the last 2 days.
2 out of 3 time zones use DST (Brussels and Toronto).
I will take the example of Brussels for now. The tool’s dropdown shows GMT + 1 whereas it is GMT + 2 as of today (the first week of October). Ignoring that, I added it and created the face.

Now this face, without any manual interaction, keeps switching between GMT + 1 and GMT + 2 every now and then.
The same happens for Toronto time as well.

question 2: I have also added the AM/PM tag for these different time zones (different components from the time itself). These also do not switch automatically sometimes. I had to apply another face and reapply this new custom one again, to get the correct value of AM/PM.


Don’t confuse GMT the time in Greenwich with UTC the standard time that does not have Daylight savings time and is what is used by navigators.

GMT also changed DST so Brussels should be correct GMT +1
Toronto like the US is still on DST and is GMT -4 right now.

I’m not sure on the AM/PM tags they should work if you have the correct Time Zone for the component.

If you can duplicate this in a simple example and submit it to support it would be very useful.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the response.

The terminology may be wrong but the time displayed shouldn’t be.
Here is an example:


The middle one is the Indian Standard Time. And according to the correct conversion, it should be 8:08 PM at the top (not 7:07 PM) (Brussels) and 02:08 on the third one (Toronto).

If I apply another face and come back to this one. This is how it is now:

After some time, it will go back again to displaying the wrong time.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for the follow up…

It was reported last month and I could duplicate it that India Standard Time and the Time in Myanmar (half hour time) were not working on the watch with other time zone clocks. I think in the first half hour of IST the time is incorrect and in the second half hour IST it is correct. Another user reported this and I could duplicate myself and reported it. The analog time works but the digital time didn’t.

I guess everyone used the World Clock complication I’m surprised that it wasn’t reported a long time ago.
I did some checking and there seemed to be a bug in [AMPM] you need to use [IS_AFTNOON] 0 or 1 to hide or show the AM or PM

There is a new version of WFS coming soon.