Dual Timezone Watchface

Hey everyone!

I’m making a watch face for myself for work.

I have 2 clocks and 2 dates on the watch face.

One syncs with my phone to display the local time and date of wherever I am, with the other displaying the time and date in UTC or GMT.

I have the time working correctly for the UTC time, but for the date, it displays the same date as my local time.

The UTC Date is set up as a Date Component with the Time Zone set to Reykjavik (as that city is at GMT+0).

Any ideas on how to fix this?

First off UTC is not GMT. I’ve requested that it be added for UTC
Try using Dakar Senegal for True UTC it has no daylight savings time.

Don’t use the Short Text complication for Day Date use the Time → Date component and be sure you set it to the right time zone too. If that doesn’t work on your watch (it probably won’t in the emulator) then consider setting a world clock instead.

Samsung Developer Relations.

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