Can't connect Samsung Galaxy Watch to Tizen Device Manager

Hi, I am new to the forum. I’ve just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch and downloaded Tizen studio and developed my first app, using the tutorial. However, I get stuck at trying to connect my Galaxy Watch to Tizen Studio, using the Device Manager. I have tried countless times and combinations. My assumptions are that I need to be on the same WiFi (I have tried my home WiFi and directly to the laptop hotspot), debug mode needs to be ON, developer mode needs to be ON and Bluetooth need to be ON (I have tried ON and OFF).

When I toggle the connection switch, nothing happens for a variable period of time and occasionally an error message comes up saying: "image ; failed to connect to IP address. This could be because this remote device could be connected to another, and two other reasons.

I have tried disconnecting the connection from my watch to its paired phone.

Can you help,please ? As I find other people with similar issues on Stake Overflow.

You need your laptop connected to the same WiFi network as your Watch if you have a dual band modem connect both to the 2.4 Ghz band.
At least for me my llaptop can not be connected to Ethernet.
Sometimes you have to set your mobile as hotspot and connect both laptop and watch to that.

Bluetooth needs to be OFF or WiFi needs to be Always On
You can get your IP address from the watch connections settings for WiFi

When you first try to connect it may ask for you to accept and RSA Encryption Key you need to accept that. I can’t remember if it asks that when generating the Distributor certificate or later when you push the app to the watch.

Hope those helps

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Thanks for the reply. No joy unfortunately. I have stepped carefully through your notes and tried: using my phone as a hotspot and connecting both my laptop and watch to that. I’ve also tried ensuring that any WiFi is set to the 2.4GHz band when I have control over that.
I am stumped - any other ideas ?
Jon M

What Galaxy Watch did you buy was it the new one or an older version. Is it an standalone watch or paired to a phone?

Go to Settings -> Gear info -> About device.
Tap on Software version 5 times. Then a confirmation pop up displayed once the Developer options is enabled.
Make sure Debugging is on in About Watch settings
Reboot your watch (by holding down the home key until it says rebooting)
Make sure Debugging is on after the restart
Important …Restart your Phone too
Restart your computer too.
Wait one full minute before attempting to connect.

Open Settings Connections make sure WiFi is always on.
Make sure that the watch is on your network I’ve seen reports of a watch connecting to a neighbors wifi.
Tap on the connection and then get the IP Address and write it down

If this is a personal WiFi access the modem and make sure that the watch and computer are both on that wifi channel.

Thanks for trying to help me. I much appreciate it.
The watch is the old Galaxy Watch, although I only purchased it new recently. I bought the watch stand-alone, but I have connected it to my phone for alerts etc.

I can’t find Settings-> Gear Info. I have -> About Watch. The model number is a SM-R810.

I have previously enabled Developer Options, by tapping 5-times on Software.
I have also enabled de-bugging.

I’ll try re-starting everything, but I have re-booted my watch so many times now !!(;>)

Jon M

I’ve re-booted everything. Connected to 2.4GHz on my .mobile hotspot, for both my watch and the laptop. Still no joy

Sorry that was an old copy and paste.

I can connect to my watch later today and see if there is a step I am forgetting. I can’t connect while on VPN so I need to use my personal computer at the end of the work day.


My wife had the same problem. I took her watch to the service center and they set it up there somehow. I tried it myself, but it did not work.

They set it up to work with Tizen Studio or to Pair to the phone? I think your issue is a bit different than the original poster.

Oh and I think my brain wasn’t working earlier, the issue was accepting the RSA Encryption key. It is a different error on GWS where it is quite common.

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