Device Manager or Emulation Manager won't work

Tizen Studio requires Java SE version 10 or older.

Tizen Studio components requires two settings to find the correct folder

To launch Device Manager you need JAVA_HOME set to
C:\Program Files\Java\JREx.xx.xx
To Launch the Emulator Manager you need the path to include
C:\Program Files\Java\JREx.xx.xx\bin

You can modify the environmental variables to create the JAVA_HOME
For Windows open the File manager and right click on your computer(This PC)
Select properties
Select Advanced System Settings
Select Environmental Variables
If none exists create a new variable for JAVA_HOME and set it to the appropriate directory
If the emulator will not launch then modify the path to include C:\Program Files\Java\JREx.xx.xx\bin directory.

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Actually I can use perfectly fine em-cli to manage my emulators. I have installed C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin and seems to work fine, except device and emulator managers cannot be started. My Tizen Studio and tizen CLI works perfectly, too. So, I went ahead and gave a try to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_172 and now everything works fine including the Emulator and Device managers,
Thank you and all the best, Miklos