Samsung Remote Test Lab - UK and USA servers almost never having available devices - Always reserved


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  • The USA and UK servers are unreliable. Every single day, they have no usable device for the vast majority of the day, occasions where you come online and see ALL devices for ALL device models reserved are very very rampant. We rely on luck to use these servers and most of the time, we are unlucky. This has been the case for several months now.

  • On weekends, the entire Samsung RTL service follows the same scenario listed above. Device models disappear from the web page, for all servers, very few are available and we have to wait till Monday or Tuesday (most of the time it gets back to normal only on Tuesdays).

  • We have been using the Samsung RTL for several years now and started experiencing this issue after the move to the browser version from the java client was made. We have never experienced such an issue ever since we started using the Samsung RTL. We usually used to use the RTL on weekends, not until this transition was made.

  • Please, we urge you to look into this issue, please find a permanent fix to this issue. We don’t mind a return to the java client version or making the RTL a paid service, just make it work again as it used to be.

Detailed explanation

We do not know if you are aware, but the Samsung RTL has become totally unreliable since the transition to the browser based version. During weekends, all servers lose the majority of their devices, and it’s even worse for the USA and UK servers, throughout the week and even as I write, they have almost no available device, they are always reserved.

Why is this happening? Why has the Samsung RTL gotten to such a state? We have to gamble on what time the UK and USA servers could have devices, and we are unfortunate most of the time; every time we come online to check, the device model we are interested in is already supposedly reserved. Please do something about this issue, it has been going on for several months now and no one has showed any interest in trying to get it fixed. We are willing to pay to use the Samsung RTL rather than have a free service which is a nightmare to use and has really stopped serving our purposes.

Thank you and kind regards.