Digital Time Misplacement on Build

When I send my watch face build to my watch, the digital time is not placed correctly. It is much higher than it is in GWS. Why it do this…

EDIT: Turns out it’s because of the font I’m using…I’ll have to find another one I guess.

EDIT2: I guess the project was corrupter because changing fonts and using a bitmap font didn’t even fix the problem…

Hi @okra,
There was a similar issue before and it is already reported to the GWS dev team. Currently, the workaround would be to place the clock a little bit lower(displace) in GWS which would place it correctly or as you expected in the real watch. Though it sounds weird but it is the saviour for now.


GWS is not, and never has been, WYSIWYG, which is why all faces should be tested on an actual watch.

Just move the time down in GWS, it will look weird in GWS but will be OK on the watch.

Nah bruh, it no worky. See the attached pictures, no matter where I place the clock in GWS it is in the same weird position on my actual watch.

The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure the time container is large enough.

I’ll try that, might work. Using bitmap fonts is working for now but it’s annoying.

Wow. Can’t believe it, looks like making the text box GIANT worked. This program is janky.