Digital world clock/ dual time zone

hi, i’m totally new in this and just want to modify an existing analog watch face to include a digital clock that shows the time from another timezone, it’ll be good to be able to select the timezone of the digital clock either through settings or tap interaction

can anyone be kind enough to share me the steps to do so?

thanks in advance

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Welcome to this forum.

You can add a world clock using a short text complication or a digital clock.

For short text complication, first, add a short text complication and set the default value as world clock, or after deploying the project on a watch you can customize the complication as a world clock.

Another way to add a digital clock and set the time zone as your own.


Hey @wah_lau81 Welcome to this community. Sadly we do not have interactive Taps we can use on WFS . We have some wonderful Zone tags but nothing we can do with them .

Don’t get me in trouble even in jest. There is tap features but the world clock or better still the 3rd party complication suite’s world clock is the best option.


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Well I can only apologise . I have removed my comment . Ron can you direct me to the Tap Features that do exist . I am only aware of the Complications and the Heart reading Lapse timer. I understand about the image swapping but you can not get them to run Tag Formula . Like switching as time zone as @wah_lau81 was asking about .
Sorry to @Peter as well you may want to redact your correct reaction .

can i know how to get that 3rd party complication to work in WFS? thanks

thanks, the short text just knows the timezone, not exactly what i want

the digital clock was what i wanted but i’m looking at more flexibility where i can switch the timezone on the watch instead of doing it in WFS

It’s free. @amoledwatchfaces did a good job on this:

In my opinion the world clock that is listed in our watches should be remove and put back the International world clock. Unless there is a good reason why IWC was removed.