Does partner app has predefined permissions?

Hi, I have question about sample apps for Samsung Health

I want to get some more data using this code, but without results. Anything I can get is data about steps. I tried to add all possible permissions both in manifest file and in code as PermissionKeys, but the result is still the same. App only show ability to select permissions for steps.


In order to get data you need to be a developer partner and that will install a key for your device so you can create an app. The Step Example includes a limited key that allows you do do that code it does not work on other Health data.

Now we get the problem. Since March 2020 applications for Samsung Developer Partnership have been suspended and I’m not optimistic they will ever be opened. My believe is it is because of GDPR and other Nations regulations on Health and other Data storage use and distribution.

Samsung Health has moved on from Tizen based Health to Wear OS Health Services for watches as the latest watches use Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

You can apply for Premier Health Partnership but that is very hard to be approved for as an individual or small firm.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for response :slightly_smiling_face:

So every app has predefined data permission, that can access and cannot be extended without contact with Samsung?

I’m not a lawyer so I can’t read the EU GDPR regulations (which most all other countries adapted).
But Google has a grasp on it on this page for the every day developer.

Every app has to publish this information.

  • What information do you collect? In your policy you should disclose all the information your Action collects. This includes information that you may collect automatically, such as server and HTTP logs, data transmitted by the Actions on Google API to you, and usage information. This also includes information that you get from the user, either directly or via the permissions API. You should also disclose whether you collect any persistent identifiers (like the Google ID).
  • How do you use the information? In your policy, you should disclose how you use the information you collect. For example, you may use the information to provide certains services to users, to recognize them the next time they use your Action, or to send them promotional emails.
  • What information do you share? In your policy, you should disclose the circumstances when you share information. For example, you may share information with third parties as part of the service (like a restaurant reservation Action), with other users (like a social network or forum), with marketing partners, or with service providers that assist with your service (like hosting companies or technology platforms).

And that is why the Health SDK can not be public and why only premier partners can share the data.

Samsung Developer Relations