Who knows when SDK partnership will be restored with Samsung Health Kit?

Have read Samsung Health SDK for Android page and realized that now they don’t accept new partners due to updating their functionality in the system. But there’s no time written when they will start accepting new partnerships.

We work in Health domain on Rehab app, and for us this partnership is crucial. Whether someone knows approximately when accepting new partners will be available?

If there’s already this topic in the community → please let me know where I can find it.


I have doubts that Android Developer Partnership will ever be opened again recent GDPR Privacy regulations has made it harder to share data to developers.

Samsung Health Android SDK used Tizen OS based Watch for Health and Tizen is not used in newer Galaxy Watches. WearOS Health Services has replaced Samsung Health SDK for the current and future data source.

For shared Samsung Health Data you should joined the Privileged Health Partnership

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Thanks, Ron

One more question – we aren’t implementing the app which will be used on Galaxy Watches. We’re implementing the app, which will be used on Samsung phones in the UK.

So, do we still need to join Privileged Health Partnership? Because it seems that it’s only created for developers who create apps for Galaxy Watches.

Volodymyr, Business Analyst

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. There are various Health Partner programs.

There is the Device Partners that is for things like treadmills or weight scales, etc. and that is “unavailable”
There is the Developer Partners that is for people that want to use the Health SDK for applications and that is also “unavailable” And that was just something you’d just be able to distribute to selected “testers”

And now there is Privileged Partners who have access to Samsung Health Data and Share with Samsung Health. Our Partner App Program is an exclusive service for the Samsung Privileged Health SDK that allows users to discover engaging health and fitness applications. And I was thinking that was what you wanted. You can request access to the Partner App Program.

Maybe you just want the Android SDK And you can still download the SDK.

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Thanks, Ron.
Ummm, so in case we just need to automatically transfer the step counting data from Samsung Health to our app (including historical step data, let’s say for 2 years), what program should we use?


Go to the Samsung Health SDK for Android web page and download the SDK there

and go to the Sample → Step Diary page and it looks like that has an access code for the Step Diary access.

But for pretty much anything else you need to be a Developer partner and that isn’t open for applying right now.

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