Done trying now

Got rejected again, and as we know getting a reason as to why, is not possible.

But anyway, is what it is. If in a year or so I try again or dunno what, please have a look at my submission and let me know what can be improved, or changed or anything.

I had to compress this PDF to upload here, the one submitted was high res and crisp.Jaco Naude Sub.pdf (930.7 KB)


@JacoNaudeDesign WOW! You are very talented! I absolutely loved all of them, I’d even pay for them.
I can remember reading that if you submit more than 1 theme, all themes will be judge together including the weakest design. Maybe it has something to do with just 1 element in 1 theme that made you get the rejection.
Really, do not give up. I see this was posted in August, wondering if you’ve tried again? the outcome?

Thank you very much, you are too kind.

Yes not sure, the selection process is intense, but yes maybe I will try again next year or something, thank you again!