Downgrade Chrome Version in Active 2

Currently, the Samsung Active 2 Chrome Version is 69 with Tizen Version
I have Gear S3 Watch with chrome version 59 with Tizen Version 4.0.7

I implemented 2 Way Calling using Wifi using Twilio Web Socket SDK.

It works fine in Gear S3 (Chrome Version 59) but not working in Active 2 (Chrome Version 69)

I am completely lost now. The only solution which came to my mind is to downgrade the chrome version in Active 2 but I don’t know how to do it.

Please help me How to Do it.

Also Does downgrading the tizen version will downgrade the chrome Version.

PLease help me.

Are you talking about Samsung Internet. I can move this thread to that forum if you are. I do not think it is installed by default it wasn’t on my Active2 watch. Maybe it is on LTE versions.

If it isn’t Samsung Internet let me know what you have for a browser.

Samsung Developer Relations

I am not talking about Samsung Internet Man. Tizen Web App for Wearable runs in Chrome Environment which comes under Tizen OS.

I am talking about that chrome version.

Thanks for the clarification, Samsung Internet is chrome as well. You probably need to ask this on the Tizen Developers community.

Samsung Developer Relations