Eror: SDB Command


There was a problem when trying to transfer a project to the watch.

This didn’t solve my problem:
1) Hold down the Watch power button(s) until it says rebooting
Restart your computer as well.
Wait a full minute for all WiFi to be fully synced.
Make sure Developer Options is on and debugging is enabled
Launch GWS and enter your IP address if you don’t have it already
Observe your watch carefully, having it on a factory installed watch face helps
click on Run on Device select your watch and run
Watch your Watch and when it says RSA Encryption tap the check mark
It should run on watch.
2) Updated Distributor Certificate

UPD: Problem with GalaxyWatchStudio appeared after updating WatchFaceStudio
I have the opportunity to test GalaxyWatchStudio on another computer. On another machine with my author’s and distributor’s certificate, everything works fine.

Watch Face Studio and Galaxy Watch Studio or two different tools nothing in common at all. One uses SDB for debugging Tizen OS watches the other uses ADB for debugging Wear OS watches. I have them both installed on more than one computer with no issues.

Are you sure you did accept the RSA Encryption Key and not hit the X by mistake? The time expired is almost always the RSA Key was either not accepted or was rejected

To be sure you are connecting correctly create a new Distributor Certificate on your computer and paired watch.
C:\users\USERNAME\ is a hidden folder .tizen two files are there sdbkey and rename them to something else.
Restart your computer, Restart your watch as in step 1 above.
Run on Device and make sure you OK the RSA Encryption key

Hope this helps if not let me know.

Samsung Developer Relations