Error in Install new watchface

I create a new watchface in Studio but I can’t install in my watch.

this ERROR uploaded in pic. why comming this error and what is solve the problem?
HELP my please.

This is forum for Watch Face Studio (Wear OS), not for Galaxy Watch Studio (Tizen)

Welcome to Watch Face Designing!! I moved this to Galaxy Watch Studio.

Do you have a Galaxy Watch 3 or older or a Galaxy Watch4? If you have Galaxy Watch 4 you need to use Watch Face Studio. I can help you with that. If you have an older Watch they use Tizen OS and this is the forum for them.

If you have Galaxy Watch3, Active 2 or older then this is the right forum for hat.

Did you generate the Author and Distributor Certificates? If you were able to do that then his error is because you either don’t have debugging and developer options turned on in your watch or you have not accepted the RSA Encryption Key

**See this FAQ 23 f**or the solutions for that.

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I have Gear S3. (Tizen
I used to create and install themes for myself with this program (Galaxy Watch Studio) on my watch.
I just created a new theme but it don’t install and this message shows an ERROR.
(Debugging is turned on)
(send to my watch by WiFi)

Sorry boss.
I don’t undrestand.
I apologize.

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If you updated to the latest GWS remove it and restart with GWS v 2.0.0 there is a bug in the 2.0.1 version that doesn’t save the created AOD and that stops the run on device.

If you have the v2.0.0 Be sure Developer Options is on, Generate a new Distributor Certificate and reset your watch by holding down the power key until it says rebooting. This will force you to accept the RSA key again when you restart and allow file transfer.

Hope this helps, if not send a new message.

The other reply here was a spam fake message. (SEO’s do that to build up trust level so they can post more than once).

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