Error in Weather APP Compilation

I’ve created my own watch face with the weather compilation added.
It works, but sometimes from time to time there is no temperature and no weather icon shown
on my watch face.
To fix it again, I choose another watch face and then I choose my own watch face again and it
will work again. This is a weird behavior, isn’t it?
Please help. My watch and my mobile has the newest update.

HI Thomas,

Did you install the same weather app on your phone? Try that a lot of times the watch app uses the mobile app as a companion to tell it the location, etc.

You might ask amoledwatchfaces on this topic He seems to have the best handle on complications of any watch designer.


again, all other watch faces are running good with the weather complication, but my own has that fault,why?
So I think I must not install a special weather app on my mobile.

I haven’t seen the issue for Weather but taping on the complication usually brings up the app itself. Did you try that to refresh the view.


Yes, when I tap on the weather complication, the weater app will be shown, also if my watch face
does not show the temperature or the weatcher icon. A refresh in the weather app will not fix my problem. Only when I switch to another watch face and switch back to my own watch face, then, all is good, but in the next hours the problem will come back. Yesterday (06.01.23) I had no problem, today (07.01.23) I had this problem 2 times.

Which Weather app complication are you using?

Is your watch an LTE or is it BlueTooth?


I’m using “The weather Channel”.
Watch is Bluetooth “Samsung Watch 4”

Hi Thomas,

The Weather Channel is what both the Google Weather and Samsung Weather uses for the Watch App.

Are you using Long Text complication or Short Text I think Long text may work a bit better it does for the Simple Weather that @amoledwatchfaces suggested. He also suggested adding all the types of complications and not just the default ones. Just in case.

Sorry if that doesn’t help, I don’t know what your issue is.


Looks like there is some issue within your Weather app (The weather Channel). If you get an update with correct data only when you re-switch watch faces that means complication update is not triggering correctly. It should trigger on pre-set interval or as it is set in your app, if it does not work, that means Weather Channel devs needs to fix custom complication.

As @r.liechty_SDP wrote, Simple Weather app works much better. Another solution is to use Google Weather app.

I think I found it. When I installed Google Weather (which uses permissions for location was set to only when using the app. Try setting the permissions to always allow. I think it simply times out on you and loses the location. Re-starting the watch face is “using the app” again.