Error when installing Emulator to Package Manager

I tried to install TV Emulator from package manager, but it’s failing. Cannot understand the reason.
I’m doing everything as mentioned in official installation docs.
Would really appreciate your help.

i have windows 11 and try all solution in thread of fix for w11 but y cannot install a packege.

tizen_manager_20230411-032916.log (3.2 MB)

Do you have an AMD processor. The last I knew Tizen Studio Emulator is not compatible with AMD processor. However, I don’t see any requirements for installing only that it reportedly doesn’t work.

Samsung Developer Relations

When I looked at your I don’t think the Chip was the issue. So I installed the Tizen 5.1 on my Windows 11 and when it got to the TV extensions it popped up something about the link not found. I just ignored it and started working on a different computer and came back it it was installed.

Having said that… I can’t get the device manager or emulator to open at all because of missing .dlls there is a different thread about that. If you do have them installed.

Samsung Developer Relations