Error when lanching debug C++ Tizen wearable

I can’t get past an error when trying to launch an app on my real Galaxy Watch 2. I can’t use the emulator because I am on AMD.

I’ve used Tizen Studio a bit but way prefer Visual Studio. I create a project using the Tizen Native Project wizard. It creates a project nicely. I have tried various Tizen OS levels from 5.0 to 6.5.

The project builds and deploys (or seems to) but the debugger does not attach. The error says it can’t bind the address it is already in use. Note that I have been able to hit debug breakpoints when using Tizen Studio.

The errors are:

SetIsXamlProject : False
01-Dec-21 12:04:16 PM : Device attach/detach detected.
<<< Debugger installation >>>
Package found on the target system: "netcoredbg-1.2.0-armv7l" (tar.gz)Pushed "G:\tizen-studio\tools\on-demand\gdbserver_7.8.1_armel.tar" to "/home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/on-demand/gdbserver.tar"<<< True >>>
01-Dec-21 12:04:24 PM : <<< Native app >>>
01-Dec-21 12:04:37 PM : Removing port forward...
01-Dec-21 12:04:37 PM : Forwarding port...
01-Dec-21 12:04:37 PM : Launching App in Debug Mode...
01-Dec-21 12:04:38 PM : Can't bind address: Address already in use.
01-Dec-21 12:04:38 PM : Exiting
01-Dec-21 12:04:38 PM : ... successfully launched pid = 29997 with debug 0