Native Service Debugging

Does anyone know the best way to debug app services? I need to be able to attach a debugger both to a UI Application and a Service running in the background but every time I try to attach to the service I get an error stating that it “Cannot launch application with GDBClient.”.

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Would you please have a look into this link and try the solution?

Please share the status here once you try the solution.

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This is does not help me solve my issue. I’m able to debug applications however, my problem is I can’t debug a second process like a service while my application is running.

I never fully figured out how to resolve this. I resorted to relying on debug messages to debug my service application which is much slower.

The problem is two-fold. On the one hand Tizen Studio rebuilds the service application and tries to publish it which conflicts with the UI application I have in the same package.

The second problem appears to be GDB related, AND THIS IS MY MAIN ISSUE. The symbols do not load for the service executable making it near impossible to debug once you attach a debugger to it. If I was more of a GDB expert I probably could figure it out.