Expired certificate in galaxy watch designer

Hi, i got this issue when trying to install on device in Gwd. How can i fix this ?

Hi @gri1597461304,
I guess the distributor certificate for your device has been expired. In this case, you just need to generate a new distributor certificate for your watch. See the steps,

  • Open Galaxy Watch Designer (GWD).
  • Connect your watch to GWS through Wi-Fi/SDBOverBT and check both date and time are same on the watch and computer.
  • Then Project->Distributor Certificate.
  • The device ID will be automatically added in Connected Device ID . If it does not, please connect your watch appropriately. (See how to connect here)
  • Login to Samsung account to create the distributor certificate.
  • Now, you will be able to deploy the design to your watch.


i tried and it stops just right here. By the way, my pc runs Windows 7 32 bit and Galaxy Watch Designer 1.6.2.


The seller portal requires 64 bit Internet Explorer on Windows 7 for a .dll in order to generate a certificate. You are pretty much out of luck.
You can try copying the Device ID and trying to generate it from a 64 bit computer and then use that Distributor.p12 but I can’t say for sure it will work.

Good Luck,

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