Facial Motion Capture - Note 10+ 5G

Hi there,

I’m developing a production workflow for animation into Unreal Engine. Is there a way to get the data out of the Air Emoji app to explore remapping it for facial motion capture - similar to how the iPhone workflow occurs with the Live Link Facial app.



Hi @and1599863740,

Samsung has released the Galaxy AR Emoji SDK for Unity which enables developers to use the user’s AR Emoji avatar in other application, such as using it to represent a game character. It is possible to add many different animations (body movement) into the model in Unity for the applications to be used only in Galaxy Devices. Currently, there’s no facial expression facility in this SDK but it is expected the facial animations to be added in the next version of the SDK which will be released soon.

Unfortunately, the SDK is only available for Unity and I hope they will also release it for Unreal very soon.