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Hello Ron,

I found a problem when using nested conditions in tags expression

Here is the simplified sample :

It should be showing 0 when 0-9 seconds, 1 when 10-19, and 2 when 20-59

Working fine on the preview but always resulting 0 in the real watch.

Also tested nested condition without tags, and it is doing right on the watch and simulator
example: (30<10?0:((30<20)?1:2)) → the result is 2

So the conclusion is the tag expression showing the wrong result in the nested conditions that involve a tag (so far tested with [SEC] and [MIN]).

Hope this bug will be fixed in the next release.

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I think your bracketing is wrong try this
( ( [SEC]<10 )? 0 :frowning: ([SEC]<20) )? 1 :2 )

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Is there somewhere that shows the formatting of tag expressions and examples please ?

I have noticed that bracketing is more important on Watch4 than in the preview window.

The Unified WearOS Tag Documentation is HERE

but the way Ternary operators work is better explained HERE But the tags are different for Tizen than Android.

hope this helps
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I think 12/24 hour format sync not working.

I already tried that and it doesn’t work on the watch (always giving 0), seems like a bug. It is working on the WFS preview but not on the device.

Imported fonts are not displaying correctly in simulator/preview mode, preview mode uses default font instead of imported fonts; but they are displaying correctly on the watch.

Preview mode is a good source for creating marketing material, please fix it in the next release.

Try this with parenthesis around the tag I had to do that for one other equation. If that doesn’t work I’ll report it as a bug. I still do not have a GW4 to test on.
( ([SEC])<10 ? 0 : ( ([SEC])<20 ) ? 1 :2 )


Hello Ron, just tried it and it still doesn’t work, it is always resulting 0 on the device.
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If you can report it HERE you can be updated about the bug. If you can’t I’ll create the report.

Nested Ternary Tags are documented so they should work on Watch.

also try
( ( ([SEC])<10) ? 0 : ( ([SEC])<20 ) ? 1 :2 )

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I also have a Problem with Tag Expression.
I made a very long tag, which works perfectly in GWS. In WFS it does work as well, but on Watch it shows the wrong value. The problem seems to be with Nested ternary operations.
Here is the short form of this Code:

In Month 4,5,6,7 and 8, the result will be 30, in every other month result is 60.
Works fine in GWS, works fine in WFS but on Watch it shows 60

The tag expression is used to regulate the glow of the luminova. It would be even better, if Sunset and sunrise are available for tag expression.

I’ve seen other reports of nested tag expressions that are not working on the device. They have been reported.

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I now have an other Problem.
When I run the Watchface on device, the watchface is not shown, just a black screen. After a few seconds, I can see the Watchface, but it’s standing still. No Hands are moving, not even the second hand.
This Watchface used to work a fee days before, even with more functions.

Following parts are in the face:

  • Center Point
  • Second Hand
  • Min Hand
  • Hour Hand
  • Date
  • Index
  • Background

As I said, it worked well, but then I decided to have a Min Hands for right and left side, which is display from 0-30 or from 30-60. Same for the Hourhand (0-6 / 6-12 / 12-18 / 18-24).
Since that, the watchface stuck. So i decided to only use one hand. I kicked the alternative hand out, and displayed the hands all time.
Watchface is still stuck. I rebuilded it from beginning, now it works. Bug? Or did I something wrong?

There is any possibility to add feature to show Phone battery?

There is always a possibility, It was not practical with Tizen but I don’t know about WearOS. I can add it as a suggestion.

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I want to inform you that the nested tags problem has been fixed on WFS 1.0.3… It is working right now on the device, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Request: Add more Style and Theme color palette options

Right now there is a maximum 6 Style options per element, and the Color palette only allows 10 colors for the whole watch face. This is good for more basic designs, but it heavily limits customization of more colorful and complex designs.

My suggestion is to allow at least 10 Style options per element, and 20 color options for the Color palette.
Also adding multiple Color palettes would be great, allowing customization of different colors for different elements within a watch face.

On Tizen I’ve had many popular designs with 20+ customizable colors of 2, 3 or more different elements within a watch face. They all had to be customized with that clumsy system of double-taps, but it worked, and users loved having so many options.
Now we have this awesome “Customize” menu that’s a lot better than just double-taps, but we have less customization options. This menu is perfect for having more options as it’s fast and easy to navigate.

(I am aware of tap-to-change images option, but this results in worse UX than double-taps as it’s easy to accidentally change, and it doesn’t save the selected choice - not a solution!)

Ron, can you add a request for this to be added in the future update?


I suggested additional styles in September and it is planned for a version the next year.

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