Feedback so far

I found converted GWD with custom font bitmaps is hit and miss I ended up making all new files.
When I select say short text the only provider I can see is Watch battery in the video they show loads.
When you register with google they charge you fee just to create your dev account $25
I love the theme option really nice feature.
I really do need ability for APIs weather etc.
What should we do for always on will there be auto feature and check on compile
Really need emulator to test before watch arrives.
I have been able to complete a number of watches but many features are missing from health that i have coded into my background images like distance for example not supported again had to start from scratch.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope others join in and I can gather all this and submit it to the development team.

Samsung Developer Team

Hi, just a few issues so far…
Not sure about the ambient mode on WFS when you analyze most areas still come up red.
I have managed to use Android studio emulator to connect to WFS and test the watch faces. One thing that come up was the heart rate shortcut does not respond on device. The other shortcuts are ok.


Make sure you are running at least android emulator v30.4.5 downloaded via the android studio SDK manager. Latest wear os emulator now has virtual heart rate sensor. When heart rate shortcut clicked it will measure heart rate and show up the result.

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Dark UI please! All pure white UI BG is overpowering content colors and causing eye strain.


I’ve found an issue where certain fonts (Orbitron, Ace futurism for example) don’t show/load correctly in the Preview window, and look like Times New Roman.
They are displayed correctly in the workspace and Run window, interestingly.

Another suggestion - it would be a nice quality-of-life improvement to add a menu bar at the top left with “File”, “Edit”, “Project”, “View” etc. options quickly available, perhaps even “Open”, “New”, “Save” etc. instead of needing few additional clicks just to access these basic options. There’s no need for a minimalist look in a designer tool, more accessible options = better user experience. :slight_smile:


Do you not see that now? It does not appear on the launch screen but is there once a project is open Just like GWS used to do. I think it is more user friendly than tabs for each menu.

Samsung Developer Relations

I would like to return the day Expressions G, GG, GGG for ERA designator from the GWS. I often use it often and could not find him in the Watchfacestudio.

There’s a “triple line” icon on the left, the options are there, but they’re hidden until clicked.
I’m saying it’s unnecessarily hidden there, and I think it would be easier to have easy access to these options, like buttons for “File”, “Edit”, “Project” etc. visible on the top left. It would be more intuitive, for me at least, as most other programs I use follow this type of layout (Adobe programs for example, as well as GWS).
Right now it is just one more additional click, but I don’t see the need for it.

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It would be nice to have some tag for week starting from Sunday or Monday.
I made a graphical indicator of the day of week, it moves by tag expression. On the real Galaxy Watch 4 it works fine in English language. But if I switch my phone to Russian (we count days from Monday) my indicator shows a previous day.
I guess that Wear OS knows when a week starts depending on language or locale.
Made a custom option for days image but it’s not very comfortable to use.
Thank you.
UPD: and yes, I totally agree with @mik1586703073 about weather API. I’ve seen a lot of watch faces on Play Market for other watch models and most of them have weather feature.

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It should sync with your local calendar so yes the day of week should be 3 in Russia when it is 4 in the US are you not seeing this?
It does not seem to work correctly in the Run Window for WFS

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi there

Among the watchface studio tag functions, the sweep function is
Can’t add?
I use it a lot for a natural effect.
The blinking feature of Watch Face Studio is
too stiff
I am attaching a screenshot of the TAG sweep function of Galaxy Watch Studio.

Sweep is available for Second hands in Watch Face Studio

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for the reply, Ron.
It does sync and it works correctly in the Run Window.
Here’s what I’m talking about:
That light under the days has Placement X coord with tag: 40.5*[DAY_WEEK]. It works fine in WFS and in the real Galaxy Watch 4 but only with English language. WFS tells this:

But actually [DAY_WEEK] value depends on current language or locale. If I switch language on my phone to Russian the result is like in the next pic:
The last image is a screenshot from the real device.
This happens because [DAY_WEEK] tag returns 1 for Monday ~ 7 for Sunday in Russian or maybe some other languages/locales.
It would be great to have tag smth like [WEEK_START_SU] that would return 1 or 0 to use it in the logical expressions.

The issue is the library does not have any indicator for local calendar that I can see.
The ICU local day of week is 1-7 it should not say Sunday - Saturday in WFS tags.

I’ll submit this as a possible bug.


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I guess there is different approach in WFS than it was in GWS.
While in GWS the number was different only as ICU in date text field according to language settings, the tag value was independent and fixed no matter of language. Since in WFS the text is built using tags, tags produce different values according language setting, despite description in documentation

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Created a new topic just for that, but why is it not possible to change the rotation direction for the second hand when sweep is selected? I’d like it to turn smoothly counter clock wise.

Good Question, I’ll add this as a feature request.

Samsung Developer Relations


Other question, don’t know if it’s normal or not but the opacity values differ greatly between the preview window and the editor itself. For example if i set a picture to 30% opacity, it’s way less visible in the preview, i have to up the value to 50% or more to get the same look. I don’t have a watch 4 as of yet (on preorder) to test it out on the hardware directly.

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On hardware it’s looking as in the editor so preview window is showing slightly wrong colors. It would be good to have it fixed as the screenshots (promotion visuals) do not correspond to the actual watch face.