Few questions

I just got my GW4Classic and I try to make my own watch face but i have few questions please

1.I have shoe icon and no metter what i tried If I put wite color it’s change to blue - all the coloer are not match with my choise (see picture below)
2. I wondering how can I put [HR] and its will measuring all time, its show 0
3. how can I put total distance I couldn’t find it

Thank you in advance,

From what I am seeing, it looks as if the original source for your shoe icon may be blue. If you want to be able to tint the color of your icon to any color, make it white before adding it. Then you can choose a color to tint it. The color I see you have it set to is white, which means you are tinting white with your icon, hence not changing the color of the original source.

Thank you, and about the heart rate is the most important for me, do you know how I can do it?

I’d start by reading this thread:

I already read this thread but i cant understand clearly it is possible to see my heart rate live? like in the watch3