Final Month for PC Based Theme Tool

Anyone know if Samsung is still set to drop support of the PC based theme tool at the end of February 2020?

With all the bugs in both versions of the tool, I thought fixes would be implemented faster with GTS but I haven’t seen that, so why switch? The PC version is so much faster and easier to use…

I’ll set up a poll to also get feedback.

I was told they would continue to support the installed version for several months but was not told a timeline. I do not know if that means they will improve it or fix all bugs.

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Honestly the online tool is so much better than the desktop version. I would have though it would be the opposite but it truly is better and faster, cleaner interface and just works great. Also I love the extra features like visibility check. I’ll be sad if it’s discontinued.

The online tool is the future, it won’t be eliminated. Many of us want to use the online GTS but don’t want the stand alone tool to be sunsetted until the online GTS has all the features we need, including offline edit capability. And the biggest thing for me is that GTS doesn’t convert P to Q themes.