Font Licenses

i been curious… does anybody, whether it be wfs or google, check for font rights? especially for watch faces on the market for sale? or is it like the wild west where anything goes? i work in digital printing and i know i can’t get a pdf to print if i don’t have the proper permissions. just wondering how that stuff works here.

Hi. Just take a look at play store top selling watch faces, OMEGA, ROLEX and similar stuff. I don’t think anyone cares about font licenses if gross infringement of copyright and intellectual property rights or direct copying of brand logos is tolerated. So, like you wrote, it’s like a wild west now.


lol, when you put it that way…
i didn’t even think of those examples

Samsung does for fonts, I believe they hire a firm to check. Likewise with Watch Face designs and possible keywords. For Samsung Galaxy Store you sign an agreement not to use copyrighted or any IP infringement and the seller is responsible for any legal costs associated with it.

Samsung Developer Relations


thank you good sir