IP infringement featured on Play Store 🤨

I was looking at the “News” section on the Play Store and I noticed that there are clear examples of IP infringement, like the original Galaxy Store watch face called “Tomcat”.

WFP 300 TOMCAT - This is the copy of the official Samsung Galaxy Watch watch face! :laughing:




Please note that these Watch Faces are featured on the watch faces home page on the Play Store!!!

Is it worth investing time with WFS and Play Store if those are the business models?


2 of them are Russians. This just shows how wester sanctions are actually working. :smiley:

btw. they even do not have their business address listed which is totally against Google Play policy.

So, in short. They are taking first positions in the featured page mainly because they are using copyrighted content, making a lot of money while their own people are not able to pay for watch faces because payment system is not working in Russia.

Welcome to the 21st century, Google…


Use report option to report those watch faces, Google don’t take action till someone from Official come and say like Rolex.

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I don’t think it’s worth investing time with WFS and Google if the Play Store market works this way.
Certain watch faces are even highlighted on the Play Store (!).

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Of cause this is ridiculous. For us, it looks like it should be super easy to control this, but when you have followed the situation on the Galaxy store with all there experience, you see that its not so easy to get control about the situation. For what reason ever.
In case of Google i think most things just go through automation processes and aren’t manually reviewed. Like there Service center :robot::see_no_evil:.

The Samsung solution was to add an additional field to describe each word that was displayed on the clock. This gave you facts that you could then use to more quickly (automatically) crack down on misconduct.

For us, this seems like a cumbersome solution, but it must have its reasons in the end.
Like Samsung got under pressure by big companies for that IP stuff its just a matter of time when Google run into the same problem.

But Google still has so many construction sites that it is possibly at the bottom of their list.

Anyway yeah … its frustrating to see this.

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I think Samsung has decided to quit (business) Watch Faces side because of IP Infringement. I hope the same things don’t happen with Google. Of course, Google should be stricter towards certain speculations. Seeing the “Rolex” Watch Faces featured on the Play Store is demoralizing.


So this might be one of many reasons why we are publishing right now on Play Store and not sell in the Galaxy Store. I remember Swatch sued Samsung over watch faces years back. Play Store team should take this seriously.


I’m seeing several pirated (unofficial) watches on the play store. Hard to compete. The developer just puts “unofficial product” but uses the brand and logo. And it’s not just Rolex, Casio…
And it’s no use reporting it, because I’ve done that to some and they’re still there. I remember that Samsung started having this kind of problem and started to be strict about it. But Google is mother Joana’s home where anyone can do whatever they want. (Brazilian saying).

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