I need tester

I want to put the designed watch face on Google Play, but I need testers. Is anyone willing? Thank you.

Sorry cant test for u, because my adviced is u are infringement on copyright laws…

Rolex and its logo…

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Is it illegal to sell many Rolex watches on Google Play?

Hi, i think so. U could use it for personal use but not comercial. Go read on copyright infringement laws

lol…it’s copyright infringement bro and theft of intellectual property. Why don’t you man up and make your own designs? Rolex faces are dime a dozen and boring AF. If it was legal (or even ethical), there would be nothing but replica faces of all brands all over Google Play. Thankfully, most designers have honor and don’t go for the lowest hanging fruit like some do. I don’t know how these even get through Google Play and people will still do it because the only people who can lodge a complaint and get a DCMA takedown order are Rolex themselves. Hopefully one day, one of these guys will get absolutely torched by a high-flying legal team representing Rolex or whoever.


just recently i was wondering the same thing about copyrighted fonts. doesn’t have to be a big time company to lodge a complaint, one of these font creators could bring action. without any moderation it’s like the wild west out there!

There is an Global intellectual property registry (WIPO) for fonts and designs that the review teams should check against.

I looked at it but got lost. :slight_smile:

Samsung Developers Relations

If that’s the case that review teams should check against things like fonts then I just wonder how the most obvious and blatant rip-offs of Tag Heuer, Rolex, Omega, etc. watch faces are for sale on Google Play?

update** Actually doing a simple search of “Rolex” in the forum, I see this is nothing new and clearly not an issue for Google (until it is). Hopefully when and if the hammer ever comes down, it hits the ones who deserve it.