Request: Stop testing video wallpaper on Fold's inner screen

I’ve gotten a few rejections for video wallpaper tested on inner screen of Fold, they are two completely different ratio.

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Same experience. I unselected folds and leave that they should dont test these on fold, because they are not for folds

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Despite the high price, Fold is a popular phone. Plus Samsung is promoting it heavily, GTS just needs to catch up. I suggested adding a Fold video wallpaper attribute to GTS when Fold 1 was release.

Now I think of it, it’s better just use 1:1 video wallpaper for all. Otherwise, adding new attribute will have the same binary updating issue that is currently going on with the Flip Cover Screen. Keep it simple.


I’ve had rejections for static wallpaper on the Fold, where the wallpaper wasn’t positioned in the center! I suspect the testers are doing something to cause this. All I can do is unselect the Fold but I agree, this should not be what we have to do.

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They dont need to add a extra binary, only change the size from 720x1080 to 1280 x 1280 so the video wallpaper can always center