Galaxy Store Awards Icon Pack

I have around 6 icon packs in the best popular content , and one of my icon pack is number 1 on sales and popularity but another company get the icon pack Galaxy Store Award.

What is the procedure and how can I be qualified for the next year?

Thank you!

While only Samsung knows the logic behind any of the “top” content in the store, remember you are only seeing the top content in your country in the app store.

From what i see in the U.S. store, your most popular paid icons have 100+ downloads however there are many icon packs that have 1000+ downloads.

This could be the reason, but not sure.

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I think they are globally. I have more than 5.000 downloads maybe even more globally.

Yes, i can see in the store you have a lot of free downloads. Because they don’t bring any revenue to Samsung i doubt they would consider them in any award recognition?

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