Galaxy Watch 3 - not selected for binary installation

Hello, i just found out that for my latest watch face released 3 weeks ago, the Galaxy Watch 3 was not selected under installable devices,

Do we have to update all our watch faces manually ? to select the Galaxy Watch 3 as installable under the Binary Tab?
or will this be done automatically?
Thank you

check your list of selected devices today.

For all there should be roughly 1738 devices. If Gear S2 is not included it should be roughly 1482 devices.
I had my test watch face under review and it was not updated for GW3 devices.

So I recommend that you verify that they were updated especially if you uploaded a watch face in the past month.

Samsung Developer Team

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Thank you for your reply,
I checked my last 3 faces released in June and July, and without Gear S2 selected from the start, all of them are available for 1192 devices for installation.
So it seems i have to manually update all of them?
or is there an automated process doing this already, and i just have to wait a bit longer.

I also would not want to give the Samsung Developers Approval team more work than they already have, if this will be solved automatically in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again

Yes manually update.

It took about 24 hours for me to get updated… Interestingly I tried all 1738 and did not exclude any Gear S2 and it was approved but for 1556 devices…I"d be interested if this works for you too. I’m going to do a new test upload to see if that works for a new submission.

This should be the instructions if instructions don’t work or are confusing let me know. I tried it twice but may have wrote it down wrong as I was on a different computer. (I want to post a full letter tomorrow).

Sign in to the seller portal
Select your device
Select Update
Click on Binary and there is a red number for selected devices, see how many devices you have listed.
If it isn’t 1335 or greater you need to update.
Click on the red number for “Selected Device(s)”
A dialog window with a large list of hardware combinations shows up. Don’t get confused.
In the search field at the top right enter “Gear S2” - no need to press Enter.
The displayed list now only contains hardware combinations including the S2 watch.
Now check the check box “Select all”.
Despite the message still reads the same total, you have in fact deselected all S2 combinations, about 358 device combinations
Click the “Save” button at the bottom.
up to 1556 devices should now be available
Enter submit
Your previous binary will still be available while the new versions are added


thank you for your quick reply, i will check and update

Hi Ron. My total Selected Device(s) is 1407 with Gear S2 removed. I searched Galaxy Watch 3 and they are all checked. Is there something wrong with this?

I have 1368, face updated and approved on the 10th of August.
With Watch 3 and everything else instalable except Gear S2

I think as far as Galaxy Watch 3 is selected, we’re good to go. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info Razaa.

think so too, glad i could help😁
I also checked one of my faces released on the 7th of July, it does not have Watch 3 under selected devices and has 1218 without S2
so we are good to go :grin: after manually updating every face :joy::joy:

HI Mario,

I wrote down the wrong number, I apologize and edited the original thread.

Samsung Developer Program.


No worries Ron. Thanks!