Can't understand the rejection reason

I use GWD 1.8.1, project build for Tizen 3.0 and later, my watch face installs on both of my devices - Active2 and Gear S2 without any problems. I also can see it in my Galaxy Wearable app. Everything is recently updated.
But here is what I get from Validation Team:

Unable to find the app due to the minimum supported OS version of Gear application. - Min OS version which app defined : - Latest OS version of GearS2 : 1. Connect a Gear to a mobile device using Gear Manager 2. Check minimum supported OS version of Gear application and OS version of Gear device 3. Try to find the app -> Unable to find the app =============================================================================

Honestly, I can’t really understand what does it mean and how I’m supposed to solve this issue. Can anybody explain me?

By the OS definitions they do not expect the watchface to support Gear S2. Probably they expect you to exclude Gear S2 form the list of compatible devices when submitting the watchface to store. How you managed to connect your GWD 1.8 to your gear S2 to try the watchface is mystery to me.

Galaxy Watch Designer does not support S2 devices and I do not understand how it runs on your Gear S2. But none the less it won’t pass review if you include S2 devices in your list of supported Devices.

When you submit a round watch to the Galaxy Apps store you must select all watches 360 x 360 watches in a group to be tested. However, with Galaxy Watch Designer 1.7 or newer, S2 devices are not supported. This causes This causes a validation error you will get because they test on S2 device and it will not install. Here is what you need to do to rectify the problem.

  1. Go to the “Binary” section of the “Add New Application” web page.
  2. Upload your binaries as usual.
  3. Next to the field “Add More Binary”, click on the number behind “Selected Device(s)”, which should read about 1426 or so.
  4. A dialog window with a large list of hardware combinations shows up. Don’t get confused.
  5. In the search field at the top right enter “Gear S2” - no need to press Enter.
  6. The displayed list now only contains hardware combinations including the S2 watch.
  7. Now uncheck the check box “Select all”.
  8. Despite the message still reads 1426 devices selected", you have in fact deselected all S2 combinations, about 314+
    9.Click the “Save” button at the bottom.
  9. The dialog window closes and your device number(s) should now be down to 1097 or 1084 (if tpk4 only) or so.
  10. Save and then submit

1426 now 1097 or 1084 tpk4 only
go to the seller store
select your device
click on Binary and see how many device you have listed It should be 1304 since you support S2 and up.

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The Gear S2 can be connected and have a watch face downloaded from 1.8.1,
why, the truth is the Gear S2 last update was to Tizen 4, and at one point The Gear S3 and S2 had the same operating OS, I updated it , and at one point got the same rejection, finally figured out that Samsung does not want to support Gear S2 at all.
That my dear friends is the bottom line. This is fact not a figment of my imagination

Don’t confuse Galaxy Watch Designer team with Samsung Electronics. The only reason for not including S2 is because it would hinder future features.
I will check on the version of S2 devices and if you are correct globally we can request that the review team update their tools.

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Hi Ron there is no implication nor any suggestion .
I am not implying that one or the other is at fault .
This was just my observation .
And I do understand that including Gear S2 would hinder future features
No malice or anything untoward intended. I have known about this version update on the
Gear S2 for quite sometime…

Just checked the last update to the Gear S2 on my watch was Tizen 3.0.0
still the latest version the tester has is 1.

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I somehow overlooked this. Why is the tizen version the issue then? If S2 should hinder future features, then why not abandon it in the future, when the features are finaly there, and not before?

Gear S2 devices were not updated to Tizen 3.x they are simply updated to One UI.
I’m fairly certain that no one can build or run a watch face app built with GWD 1.7 or newer on a Gear S2 device.

If however this was an older project and the old .tpk was still there and not over-written, I believe you could upload that tpk with Tizen 4 tpk at the same time.

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Ron is right . that was my error , the last update was 1.
but I know I have updated a S2 with a GWD version 1.6.2 which only produces Tizen 3 and Tizen 4.
I don’t have the watch any more so I can’t find out.
Now another fascinating thing is (what I saw in my news feed on google) is Gear S2 just received a major update to its software with new features and better battery life .
So maybe Samsung is supporting its 6 year old device still and that is a good thing, if only GWD could then they would have a broader/bigger/secondary market for themselves

I had the same rejections. Had to go to the selected devices and deselect all gear s2 options.