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I gave a coupon for a friend. I gave her a link directly so she can download from the galaxy store on her phone. However, upon clicking the link, the prompt says “This content isn’t compatible with your phone…if the problem persists…” . We tried searching the watchface in the store but cannot find it…other watchface I created is there, except for this recently published one.

She is using Samsung S20 Ultra. Galaxy watch Active 2
Any idea?

My guess is that instead of deselecting Gear S2 devices you just wrote S2 and that deselects the S20 mobile.

Sign in to the seller portal
Select your device
Select Update
Click on Binary and see how many device you have listed. There is a red number for selected devices. It may be 1503 or so as the defualt adds support for S2 and up.
Click on the red number for"Selected Device(s)"
A dialog window with a large list of hardware combinations shows up. Don’t get confused.
In the search field at the top right enter “Gear S2” - no need to press Enter.
The displayed list now only contains hardware combinations including the S2 watch.
Now check the check box “Select all”.
Despite the message still reads the same total, you have in fact deselected all S2 combinations, about 314+
Click the “Save” button at the bottom.
about 1159 devices should now be available
Enter submit
Your previous binary will still be available as the new versions are added

If that isn’t it let us know.

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