Galaxy Watch 5 Pro & WFS

Am I able to design watch faces for the new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro? And if I can, I presume I can sell these designs on the appropriate Samsung market places etc?


You can design Watch Faces for any Wear OS smartwatch ecosystem by Watch Face Studio.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also a Wear OS smartwatch. So the answer is yes, you can design watch faces with WFS for Galaxy Watch 5 Pro :smile:

In Play Store you can see your designed watch faces :+1:

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It will be running Google’s Wear OS. So, you’ll have to publish them on the Google Play Store. These watch faces will not work with older Galaxy watch’s, Pre Galaxy Watch 4. You’ll need “Watch Face Studio” to create and build Wear OS watch faces.

If you want to build watch faces for the Tizen OS/Samsung’s watch OS. You’ll need another program called “Galaxy Watch Studio”.

“Watch Face Studio” For Google’s Wear OS, and “Galaxy Watch Studio” for Samsung’s Tizen OS, for older Galaxy watches.

The Galaxy watch 4/ and 4 classic, and Galaxy watch 5 and 5 Pro, you’ll need “Watch Face Studio” For Google’s Wear OS.


Thank you all. I’m using beta 2.01 of WFS but I don’t see where I can put tags… or even which tags I can use?! Unlike the earlier version of WFS (which id only just begun learning), I can’t see how/where one puts code in the new version 2.

You are using 2.01 of GWS, not WFS. It’s different. GWS is for Tizen

ah yes my mistake… so where do the tags and code go in GWS?

First off I deleted that spam response to you.
Second if you aren’t on a Mac I’d uninstall GWS 2.0.1 an install GWS2.0.0 the newer version for Mac compatibility has some serious bug issues when building AOD.

there is a good tutorial on tags with GWS There are more of them and easier to use.
there is a little triangle in the lower left corner of the box which you click to open the tag window.
See this page for an image and such.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you Ron… needed to look quite hard to see those corners!!

I’m on a Mac and I can only see the beta 2.0.1 version. Could you provide a link to the version you mentioned? Thank you.

to your last question - on the download page hit the “see previous versions” line. It opens list of older versions for download.
To your earlier question

Actually no. If we no longer speak of wearOS watches (since we shifted to GWS), and if you are new, you are not allowed to publish in Samsung market place (called galaxy store) right away. You would have to pass the test of worthiness (called design review) first - the application window is currently open (until august 24).

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There is an issue here. GWS 2.0.0 does not install and run on Macos Big Sur and newer without some manipulation by the users. How to work around it is detailed at the end of this thread.

There is an Issue with GWS 2.0.1 that it requires you to create an Always On Display and it Saves the AOD in the project file but when you close the project and reopen it it does not LOAD the AOD and you have to create it all over again… Even though it is still there.

The solution is save the AOD as a custom complication so you can add it each and every time without having to fully design a new version every time.

Two options both require a bit of extra work but for Mac Users I think GWS 2.0.1 and just setting on a simple AOD is best. For Windows users going back to GWS 2.0.0 is best.

How to install GWS 2.0.0 on Big Sur and newer

GWS doesn’t save files

No matter what version of GWS
How to set up for Debugging Catalina, Big Sur and newer

Request SDB from Developer Support Request Samsung Account with instructions on how to install it.

Samsung Developer Relations