Galaxy Watch Studio and Mac Big Sur Update

I have it working with 11.4


It works, i tested it. A Big (Sur) thanks to agepictures for this port!!!

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I’m really glad that the work was not done in vain)

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Which now looks like a solution. The information would be helpful.

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Very odd issue. It’s not able to save/write anything to my hdd…

In order to bypass the dropbox download damaged message, I ran this in terminal:

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/

Anyone able to fix this writing to the HDD issue? I even tried saving to my desktop, no luck.

I should mention, I’m running Big Sur 11.5.1

I think every time someone figures out how to run GWS on Big Sur Apple changes something to break it.
Check out this note it may help

Samsung Developer Relations

It works! I couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you for your effort.

Thank you, thank you! Your solution worked. Followed the instructions for a damaged app. IT WORKED. Most appreciated.

Hi, im really new on this, regarding the developing experience, please may i ask if GWS can work with JDK older than 13.02? and also, if somebody can clarify, what about WFS (watch face studio) is there any difference? --update-- one works with tizen and the other with wear os! :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been keeping an eye on the Watch design space here for quite some time as I gave up trying to get GWD running.

Now I’m trying to get GWS running on my Mac with Big Sur and I’m seeing all the issues above.

Is there a solution that works without using third party mini app’s that fix the “Broken app” warning message?

I want to contribute to a better World by making interesting Watch faces but it seems that Mac users are still left in the cold for working and reliable software from Samsung.

I am not sure how it goes right now, since I lost my patience and motivation after loosing privilege to publish. Last time I remember, one has to be first recognized by Samsung as being worthy to be allowed “to contribute to a better World” :slight_smile:


The new GWD version 2.0.1 runs on Macos Big Sur but there are general problems with the aod in Windows and Macos

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Thanks for the reply.

I tried but I get the error message " “” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin."

That’s when I started to search for an answer on Google and found the community pages explaining you need a patch app to fix the damaged file.

Am I missing something?


Klaatu barada nikto

Check the install instructions for WFS Mac Installation and see if any of that applies to GWS as well.

We recommend you go back to the last public release of Java JDK and be sure all the paths are for that version only. You can download it from Oracle.

Apple does not like to run the Java Runtime Environment they consider it a security risk.

Samsung Developer Relations

For me unfortunately the app does not start, just instantly quits again, no message…

See this thread’s 118th response

And this note from Apple

Samsung Developer Relations

Wow. Just WOW. I haven’t used GWS (GWD) for about 2 years now after getting kicked out of being a seller (and then rejected after applying again saying my watch faces weren’t good enough! 100,000 downloads begs to differ!)

I was wearing my device last week for the first time in a while and decided I once again wanted to design a new face, even if it was just for my own use and thought “They MUST have fixed their issues by now, right?” Wrong. Worse than they’ve ever been. I have owned 4 Samsung watches, but never will I ever, again. What a sad sad organisation.

As Developer Relations I fully understand.

The SBB issue is a Samsung Bug and I agree it should have been fixed years ago. I believe that this should have been documented even if it was Beta software.

Apple believes that Java Runtime is a security issue and all programs that use JRE have issues. It was not just GWS or GWD. The GWS team was chasing iOS and that is hard to do as Apple kept “improving” the security. For you own personal use GWS 2.0.1 should be OK but you need to save the AOD watch face as a custom complication. I believe that this should have been Documented even it it was Beta software.

Samsung did away with GWS and went to Watch Face Studio for Wear OS watches. That version is standalone and runs on Mac OK and uses ADB.

Samsung has been very aggressive in reducing the number of Watch Face Designers.

Samsung Developer Relations

I get that Samsung were aggressive in reducing numbers of designers, they needed to be as there was an abundance of trash. Sadly, there still is, yet some serious designers are still denied. For what it’s worth, some of the watch face designs I submitted in my application which was denied had close to 100,000 downloads on their own, and other new ones were part of a project for my Masters (Art+Design) for which I received a distinction!!! How this could have been rejected for lack of quality is beyond me.

But, saying all that, the problems with GWD/GWS and the overall Samsung store experience, it’s not a big loss to me frankly. I’ll save the money I would have spent on buying upgraded smart watches over the next 10 years and buy myself a real quality watch which will last generations and can be handed down.