GWS and older Versions - WF with IAP issues

Hello everyone,

sorry to repeat this topic again. But still i get feedback by a small amount (i hope so -.- ) of users that they are not able to buy my IAP watch faces made with the GWD/GWS.

They have the newest version of tizen running on the watch (at least but still have that problem. To get 1 star rating for something what they like and wanna buy but can’t is so frustrating.

This is the typical process of this users:

  1. They install the IAP face.
  2. Use it for 24hours (this is the time i defined).
  3. They get a message on the watch that time expired and buy button appeared.
  4. They push the buy button … waiting around 30 seconds and get the message “Unfinished buying process”. Phone doesn’t show anything.
  5. Reboot the watch change nothing.

Important: All of this people don’t use samsung phones.

2nd problem:
One user told me yesterday that he did buy a IAP watch face in April. He got a new phone, did reinstall it but after 24hours he get the message that the trial period is over and he have to buy it. Keep in mind “He did buy it already before”.

I need to find a way to handle this straight forward. I hate when i have no good answers when someone needs help.

Anyone with the same problems?

Matze - styles4you

Hi Matze,

I checked with the resident expert in IAP issues on this.
1st problem

We have tested the flow in non Samsung phones, and it was not easy to trigger the transaction. It could depend on the OS version of the phone. Sometimes it helps to have the screen of the phone active when pressing the buy option in the watch. We also saw some notifications not coming foreground on the device, they were showing just in the notification bar. Screenshots might help but I know it is hard to ask that info from an end user. If they sent any please submit a support request it may help others.

2nd problem
We need to look into this issue. The purchase should be associated to the end user Samsung Account (assuming he is using the same account). Can you ore the buyer create a ticket so we can investigate.

I’ve seen instances where when I go to download a purchased watch face on a different device it asks for me to purchase but does not bring up the charge when I start the download. Could this be the problem?

Samsung Developer Program

Good morning Ron,

1st Problem (IAP on non Samsung devices):
I will write the solution to 2 of my users. I will give you feedback when they answered.

2nd Problem:
I already told him to to create a ticket. Give him also some coupon. But still no feedback and maybe they don’t care anymore -.-

Anywhere i will update this post when i have more information.

Thanks :+1:

Just short update:

Problem 1:
Just one of my users did give me feedback and it doesn’t help with active phone screen during “buying process” :frowning:. No hiden messages in “notification”.

Problem 2:
Looks like it was solved but i got no direct feedback as i did ask for the solution.

So at all we have no real solution for this “non-samsung” IAP purchase issues :(.
Damn … this IAP faces are my best sellers and it makes so much sense … but with this issue it is so bad for my reputation -.-


Hi Matze,

It may help to open apps and force quit on the Galaxy Store app. I was told that if the issue was in cache and it took took long to complete that this would delete the cache and allow the purchase.

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Hello Ron,

i am not sure what exactly you mean. So it may helps to delete the cache from the “Galaxy Wearable” App or which cache you mean?


Galaxy store caches information so that it loads faster and checks for updates and such. If an IAP fails during the transaction times out or loses connection etc. the cache will show it as a completed purchase and not allow purchase again. I think but not sure that on non Samsung devices it is the wearable app that caches this information. Use a Force Stop and then restart may allow a purchase to go through again.
It is worth a try.

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Yes, it is worth a try. I will ask the User and hope he still want it :innocent:.
I will give you feedback when i know more.