GWS in-app purchase feedback

Is there any way to send feedback to developers in charge of implementing the in-app purchases in GWS?
I made 2-3 faces with IAP to test, but so far the user experience is TERRIBLE! Lots of 1* reviews, lots of emails with subject “how to buy this”, the Samsung Billing app is never installed automatically (which btw, now it’s called Samsung Checkout, probably that’s the reason the functionality is now broken), not even on Samsung phones. The watch keeps telling users that it installs Samsung Billing automatically, but that never happens.
It’s bad that such great functionality is broken and developers can’t take advantage of it.


Samsung Galaxy Store is aware of some issues with IAP and is trying to resolve them.

Many of the problems come from users that believe IAP in Watches works like in phone Apps for added functionality. Tizen Apps that work this way do not get the same bad reviews.

I’ve suggested that the Watch Store offer a Try and Buy option like Themes has.

I’d encourage discussion on this thread it would be useful to provide feedback on it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Also, many bad reviews come from the fact that these watchfaces appear as free in store. Maybe they should be marked as “Trial” or “Try&buy”.
Regarding the Samsung Billing/Checkout app, maybe devs can change this and instead use a web form to allow all users (including fruit fans) to purchase a watchface. If you need more details about it, sent me a pm and I will explain in detail :slight_smile:

Any progress on this issue?

I don’t think there is any thing being done in GWS it is more a seller portal issue.

Samsung Developer Relations