Generating Author Certificate problem

I have created my first watch face but whenever I tried to transfer it "Generating Author Certificate… getting hours and hours but no response

Hi @ProSaif,

I have seen other is facing similar issue. Can you please give some more information as below,

  1. Is it the first time you are generating author certificate and facing this issue?
  2. If not, did you generate the author certificate successfully previously?
  3. Are you facing the same issue while generating a distributor certificate?

So far, I am guessing it is a server issue in your region as I have successfully generated an author certificate just now.


Yes, it is the first time I am trying to use make a Watch face for my Galaxy Watch 3. And I successfully generate distributor certificate but the problem is for generating the author certificate

Hi @ProSaif,

Which version of Java is installed in your system?
Type java -version or javac -version in command prompt/terminal to determine which version of java your system reports.

The issue might arise due to incompatible Java version. See the Required Java version and check if your version is in the list. If it is not there, please install a supported version of Java and try again.

Are you on MacOS or Windows?


I am in windows, I will tell you my Java version after a moment