Glitchy Return to Watch Face After Update


I’ve noticed after the latest Galaxy Watch update, returning to the watch face after checking a notification takes 2 clicks of the bezel right or 2 swipes with my finger left now, whereas before the update it was very smooth and not glitchy like this, has anyone else noticed? This happens with all watch faces even stock ones.

Also, I have a watch face that I made for myself that was working very smoothly before the update but now it doesn’t transition smoothly back and forth between screens. Moving away from the watch face is very nice and smooth with a clean and visible transition, however, when I return to the watch face there is no transition at all…it kind of pops back without any visible transition animation. Similarly, when I’m on the screen to the right or left of the watch face, as I swipe my finger left or right there is a delay before the screen starts moving…it’s just not smooth. It only starts moving when my finger is halfway across the screen

None of my other watch faces don’t suffer from this issue…but they all have the issue as per the first paragraph since the update.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Hi @zleon150,
Fortunately, I don’t see the problem on my Galaxy Watch. What are the software and Tizen versions of your watch?


Hi Azad,

I attached a pic of the info. Any thoughts? Issue only started after the update about 2 weeks ago.!

Software Tizen|477x268

UPDATE: I decided to complete reset my watch and the issue of going back to the watch face after a notification is now resolved.

So the only issue left is that this one watch face I made doesn’t have a clean transition animation when I swipe or bezel back and forth. Anyone have any idea what might be making this particular face a bit glitchy?

Other faces I’ve made don’t have this issue, thanks.

Is this face using any over-sized assets, or perhaps lots of transparent layers?

I’m relatively new to GWS but my experience seems to confirm that GWS does not resize assets when compiling (extracting the tpk shows full size assets being used). which caused my first watch face to occasionally cause the watch to chug a bit, especially with two complex transparent layers tied to the gyro. Resizing all the assets fixed the lag.

I guess I do have some layers.
Not sure what assets means?

Can you explain how I do this resizing of assets please?

An asset would be one item used in the production of the watch face. A background image would be one asset, the minute hand image would be another etc etc. Even a font you’ve imported would be an asset. It’s just a fancy way of saying anything you’ve imported :slight_smile:

To resize an image asset, just use a program like Photoshop (paid) or Gimp (free/open source). For a Galaxy Watch 3, the resolution is 360 pixels by 360 pixels. For optimum layout, use the assets that come with Galaxy Watch Studio as a template - you can find these in:

C:\<whereever your apps are installed>\Galaxy Watch Studio\res

The point with resizing to specific resolution of the watch is to reduce memory and cpu overhead - the less pixels it has to process the less resources are consumed.

OK interesting.

I deleted every asset in my watch face design until I was left only with a digital clock, did a rebuild and then zipped it over to my watch.

It still didn’t switch cleanly back and forth.

Then I deleted the always on face and rebuilt as default. And that fixed it.

So then I went back to my original file again and deleted the always on display only and put a simple digi clock on it, same issue.

Then I began stripping down the proper watch face bit by bit and got all the way down to just a digi clock again. Same issue.

I’m really puzzled.
I don’t have any assets over 360x360.
I’m using a Galaxy Watch 46mm.
Can I upload my GWS file maybe and you can take a look and test on your watch? I thought it might be a setting on my watch so I did a complete restore but same issue.

I’ll take a look, sure.

Thanks mate. Download link below.
I do have quite a lot of layers but like I say even when I delete them all it still isn’t smooth.

Initial feedback - these assets are large:

clipart-border-medieval-8.png (is this one used??)

I resized the following to 100px by 100px:


There was a slight improvement but the screen does seem to just pop in when going from either notifications or the app screen, rather than the slight transition that usually occurs.

I thought it might be the weather api but the issue is consistent and if it were an api call I’d expect it to be intermittent. What I would do is rebuild everything from scratch in a new project, importing only the assets needed - just to be sure the only logic in the package is supposed to be there. Without any profiling tools and still being relatively new to GWS, I can’t really suggest anything else - I do hope you get it sorted. I’d be interested to see what the final solution turns out to be.

I rebuilt from scratch and all is fine until I add either the temperature or weather type text.

As soon as either of them are added, the issue occurs. No smooth transition.

So I went back to my original file and deleted the weather from the watch face only. Issue remained.
Then I also deleted the weather from the always on display. Issue resolved.

So the weather seems to be glitching it out?

Am I adding weather correctly?
I go to Text — Temperature
Text — Weather Type

I would assume that’s correct - it is an option after all. To be honest, this is beyond me now - it might be worth contacting support? Support | Samsung Developers