Suddenly huge performance issues with animated system icons!

Hello to everyone,

i realized that suddenly my watch faces get huge performance issues when the “animated system icons” shows up on the watch (for example night mode, music). You are able to force it when you switch into the night mode. The moon icon appears on bottom of the watch and suddenly everything gets a huuuge performance drop. Especially when you use “Tension” as movement effect for rotating objects.

This is really a bad bad thing. So is here anyone else with the same problems?

I am able to reduce this issues when i turn every rotating effect to normal. But sure this is not a long term resolution. So can anyone help me here?

Matze - styles4you

There is a support requests where a designer is having issues with animated icons and tension and notifications combination. It might not have anything to with your but if you could open a support request having more information is always better to find a bug.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you Ron,

i did open a support request.

Matze :slight_smile: