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Hello members, requesting for clarification.

On my Play Console inbox, I get a message to complete a Data Safety Form despite I complete all the checklist on my app release Dashboard and on apps passed and live on Google Play. The mesage reads:

Our records show you have not yet submitted your Data safety form; as a result, users see “No information available” in your app’s Data safety section on Google Play. To fix this, please complete your form today.

Your Data safety form must be submitted and approved by July 20, otherwise your app updates will be rejected. You must also include a privacy policy. Non-compliant apps may face additional enforcement actions in the future, such as the removal of your app’s store listing from Google Play.

Action required:

1. Make any required changes to your app, including addressing any known compliance issues.
2. Complete your Data safety form. You can find this form at App Content in Google Play Console.
3. Submit for review. You do not need to include an app update for this submission.

Top tips for filling out your form:

** Check the new Google Play SDK Index to see if your SDK provider has shared a link to their Data safety guidance. Review how any third-party code (such as third-party libraries or SDKs) in your app collects and shares user data.*
** Review the Help Center for more details, including a list of data types, data purposes, and latest FAQs from developers. We’ve also included a change log at the bottom.*
** All apps must have a privacy policy. Learn more*
** You can use a CSV file to work on your Data safety form offline and import your responses, including for multiple apps.*

When I click Complete Data Safety Form, it directs me to Sensitive permissions and APIs where I am supposed pick my published app/s and where there is a red exclamation mark (seems to be on all apps built before WFS 1.1.13), I am to declare;

  1. State the Core Purpose of my app
  2. Check mark a series of suggestion on why does my app need to use the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission
    (Select all that apply).
  3. provide a link to a short video (ideally 90 seconds or shorter) which shows my app being opened and the core feature that I have checked mark above being used. If it isn’t obvious from the user interface how the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is being used in my app, provide a voice-over or captions to help explain.

I have updated all old apps with WFS 1.1.14 (which I believe has the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES removed since WFS 1.1.13) but the red exclamation marks remains.

Does anyone have any idea what is this all about. I’m afraid they might drop all my apps after 20th July '22.

Open your console. Click one of your apps. Scroll down to “App Content”. There you have to check Privacy and Data safety. Complete the open tasks.

This you have to do for all of your apps.

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Thank you for the feedback Matze, appreciate it very much.

That is what I was afraid off, there’s an issue with Sensitive permissions and APIs where I have to also provide a link to a short video (ideally 90 seconds or shorter) which shows the app being opened and show how the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is being used on that app, provide a voice-over or captions to help explain.

This requirement is apparent on all my app built with WFS 1.1.13 and earlier. I guess I will just have to try my luck by updating them via WFS 1.1.14 and hope the red exclamation disappears :-/

Hi , i have this on those 3 out 40 watchfaces of mine. I updated rest before 1 Apr and those updated dont have these errors.

I believe all you have to do is update with wfs 1.1.4 latest
And issue an update. and as mention above also complete all those tasks mentioned for data safety for example provide privacy policy .

I have also updated these 3 x i mentioned today , hopefully im sure after update with 1.1.4 Wfs all issues like you mentioned will be resolved.

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Yes, that’s what I have to do. I have about 20 apps that need to be updated before 20th July. Can be done.

Thank you Osman for the feedback.

I received the same message in the Play Console about Data safety form a few days ago, which is weird because all my apps have been updated with the latest WFS version, and I have submitted Data safety form and Privacy policy for all my watch faces a few weeks ago.
All is green and submitted, no warning messages, nothing else to do. :man_shrugging:

This might just be an automatic reminder message from Google.

Either way, definitely make sure to submit those forms for all your watch faces if you didn’t already, and update them to the latest WFS version to avoid any issues.

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Noted. Thank you for the feedback.