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Hello. Today I have released a WF in the Play Store, but in the list of supported devices my watch will be grayed out and you can not select it. What did I do while wrong. How can I eliminate that and upload an update. Honest … The Samsung Seller Store was much easier!

if i understood your problem correctly.
Go to : Play Console / View app / Advanced Settings / Release Types and Add pictures of your watch face and wait for the review result.

Thank you, I also did not know about this, maybe why I am still yet to make a sale…

I have forgotten using extended settings release type Wear OS to add. It is still checked. But I do not know if it lies. At the moment I have 0 active devices in the dashboard. The device check is not yet completed.

Is there anyone who can help me? There must be a guide successfully to publish a watchface in the store

I have exactly the same problem. I’ve contacted other developers to ask them if they are in the same situation or not and they are!! I contacted Google Play Store Console help center and didn’t receive any response. I really don’t know what to do.

Hi, I asked Matteo Dini (MD) by mail and get an answer. Thanks again Matteo Dini … you are great! Here his answer.

  • First of all, make sure the watch faces is set as “Wear OS” under configuration> advanced settings → release type.

  • Then, check if the watch face (file release) has been validated under the release type section.

  • Third, always remember that Google performs separate validation of watch faces.

  • Validation of images and shop description

  • Validation of the watch face file

    Yesterday I still activated Wearos under Configuration> Advanced Settings → Release Type. Now I have to wait. Check if you have activated it!? If you did not activate it, then click Add Release Type and then on Wearos. Then you have to wait the test is completed by Google.

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Thank you very much for the information. Google made Play store console complicated I guess.


So after review, Wearos devices are enabled in Configuration> Advanced Settings → Release Type. All available devices are active and the watchfaces are downloadable in the store. So that was the mistake!

What about viewing watchface on playstore app does this release type solve that compatibility issue as well ? or just with browser it solved it, but via playstore app still showing not compatible.

If you come from a link, then try to hit the link again. usually hit the link twice will show the compatibility.

I have seen most of the watchface developers watchfaces are not accessible via playstore app on Android phone it always says device not compatible, if you open same link on browser all sudden it says it’s compatible. but have seen some designers like JJ their watchfaces links work on both app and browser, so i was wonder if someone knows how to enable watchface links run on both App and Browser would be amazing.

You need to upload binary for mobile phones as well. Make sure you upload mobile apps that work and useful for the user because it is installed for each watch face the user installed.

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Ohh, Thanks for the tip! Ok, I will do that now on which is bit weird, but sill.

But there is a downside if you set the watch face to paid app. Any user can purchase your watch face including anyone that the watch is not supported(or even doesn’t have a watch).

Hi, would it be possible to describe the procedure in more detail? Thank you


Google have fix this issue now you don’t need to have phone app just upload watchface and you can download it from playstore App.

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How and where do I find these settings?

open play console…open the Watchface…Configuration> Advanced Settings → Release Type

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Thank you. That was helpful. Appreciate it.

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