GPS Speed on watch face

is it possible to create a watch face with the speed of GPS? I have an Active 2 and I don’t care about the battery drain when I do action sports, but I would like for those 2 hours to have the real speed instead of the clock …
I think many are expecting to find this feature on a sports smartwatch …

I’m not sure what “The speed of GPS” is, but there are sports watch faces that feature the speed of your walk or run. It will measure your speed in real time, in km/h or mile/h, depending on the setting of your watch’s Samsung Health app.

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Yes mate, can do a gauge or digital:


  1. Add a hand image

  2. In Rotation Properties select Sync with Speed. I set Pivot Angle (0 point) at 300 for the example here.

  3. Add a background and the graduations (0, 20, 40 etc.). You can just use the text component and adjust them to the right spots.


  1. Add a Digital clock image

  2. In Data select Sync with Speed. Can set display to km/h; miles/hr and others.



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Thanks to both of you! :wink:
I tried but after 2 days of work and a result that I really like I discovered that it measures speed with sensors and not with GPS, in the car, windsurfing, kitesurfing, skiing, snowboarding etc etc it doesn’t work … this makes the job useless since it was designed for these sports …
I tried from the sofa to move the clock up and down and the speed increases …
I must say that on the treadmill the measurement is extremely accurate, I was surprised! pity that in many sports we need GPS …

Cheers Luca,

I hadn’t realised that. Thanks for doing the experiments and sharing.


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HI Luca,

You will need to do this using Tizen Studio and developer your own algorithm. There is one watch app Speedometer and Compass GPS

If that isn’t exactly what you want reach out to the developer he may be able to create what you want. If he has the app_id you can make it a button that launches it with GWS.

Samsung Developer Program