Can't get "Current speed" to work

Hi - I go and run a lot how do I get my current speed right now so I can always read my current speed?

I have tried more that the options under “Speed” but they don’t work as expected.

Hi @ste1594048583,

It should show your speed while walking/running. Also keep in mind that Speed does not work if you use any weather component in your design. The following post might help you to investigate a bit further.

How to measure SPEED (while Cycling)


I have now deleted all Weather component but it still does not work.

My desire is to show my speed, not only when I train, but with all movement.

I have the following component in my design.

Data Sync Display Type
Speed % d (km / h)
Speed counts % d
Burned calorie % d (kcal)
Battery% % d
Moved distance % d (km)
Heart Rate (bpm) % d

Speed % d (km / h)

I believe you will need to start an activity for this to show for anything other than walking. I don’t see it as available in the preinstalled Dashboard watch face.

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