Great, GWS doesn't work on latest WIndows and Mac releases

Guys, what’s going on?
Mac Big Sur is out from November, and still nothing
Certificates not working anymore on Windows 10
Do we all have to switch to Cuckoo clocks???
No comment…

A fix seems to be in the way for the Windows certificates problem!

It appears that a URL for the seller portal changed It appears to be working now.


Hi Ron!
Still not working here, do I have to reinstall GWS or recompile a project?

If it was a URL change give it a couple hours to propagate and let me know.

Samsung Developer Program

Still not working, I will try again tomorrow morning (CET) and let you know!

Not working at 2 pm CET, connecting from Italy

9 a.m CET, now it’s fixed, certificate successfully build
Thumbs up!
Thanks Ron :wink:

Checked it out! Everything is working!