GWD 1.8.1 - IAP issues?

Hi guys,

are they any knowing issues with GWD 1.8.1 and the in-app purchase option?
My last WF was rejected because of issue with the purchase. The review team shows me video where you clearly see that the purchase “Couldn’t complete”.

I checked everything 3 times and there is no mistake from my side. So my last idea is that maybe the GWD Version have some knowing issues with that?

I know its not a very popular topic but maybe someone have same problems?

ItemID in the binary files and the registered IAP itemID in seller portal are exactly the same. This can’t be the problem.

I checked the log files from watch and phone. The abviously error message during purchase process was [IAP_GALAXYAPPS_ERROR_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_EXIST] on both. This sounds strange -.-.

kr Matze

PS: Its not my first IAP app.

I thought the review team had fixed this. The error is in a version of Tizen and was fixed in Tizen and newer.

I think they reset the test machines and don’t always do the updates. you can resubmit it and mention that they may have not applied the latest updates. Or, if you want to open a support request and ask that I be copied; I can write to the review team about this. Be sure to include the app content ID and content Name better still attach any messages they may have sent or you downloaded.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program

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Hello Ron,

thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I will resubmit the app and explain the review team about this issue. When they reject it again i still can open a ticket.

Update: I checked the log File about the used version and found that.
==== Tizen version (/etc/tizen-release)
Tizen4/Unified 4.0.0 (arm)
VERSION = 4.0.0

Looks like you are right. Thanks for your fast feedback