WF - binary list update for GW3 - now rejected

Hi guys,

with the GW3 release i did have to update a lot of my watch faces (all made with GWD/GWS).
Each of them was passes the review process and was accepted instead of the Faces with IAP (in app purchase). One rejected, one stuck in review process.

Reject reason: WF is now Unable to execute the app in WPC mode WPC (Without Phone Connection).
They send a video where you see someone try to install the WF and get the message “This app will work only if the associated app is installed on your phone.”

So my question here is. What is going on?

Looks like the IAP is the little devil in the boat. I have to rebuild the whole face? It is not enough just to update the binary compatibility list like i did before with all of my other faces?

Before i penetrate the service team i just want to check out is here anyone else with the same problem here?

kr Matze - styles4you

PS: It looks like “IAP” hates me :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an error in the Seller Office and not all WPC devices (not paired to a phone) are removed from the list. Precisely speaking, the “Galaxy Watch 3” is left. So you probably had it selected as compatible. You should unselect it and resubmit your update.

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Thank you for the answer :+1:

I was told the store fixed this filter and anything uploaded or updated from now on should be OK.

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